The Multidisciplinary
of Things

Greg Oates, Senior Editor at the travel industry publication Skift, predicts that things are going to get super multidisciplinary. He made the comment referencing the future of events, but he is on the money with the opinion that “omni” and “multi” is going to take on more significance in the next few years. Why?

Technology is no longer in focus

Technology is no longer a feature, but a required part of business infrastructure. It is what the railroad was during the Industrial Revolution and it is taking on the role of connector between different disciplines. Without product to “ship”, technology is basically a train without any cargo. Less people are interested in how technologies are being developed and only interested in what it can do for them. Without presenting the usefulness of technology in how it streamlines disparate areas of people’s lives or connects people with areas of interest in a seamless way, the mechanics of it is redundant in the eyes of the consumer.

Questions for brands and business: Do you have sufficient cargo to ship? Is your content transportation strategy maximizing revenue and impact as it travels down the line? Is technology connecting different areas of your business or creating wider canyons?

Accountability from multiple sides

We have entered an era of mistrust. Simple messages can no longer be taken at face value as fact. Advertising that relies on ‘expert opinion’ has less impact on the consumer. People are more wary, more savvy, and are constantly being told that what they read, see, and hear has the potential to be untrue. One way to legitimize something is to place it within a broader ecosystem of opinion and belief. To become accountable in the eyes of their customers, companies would be wise to find where their products and services fit within the wider conversation and invite engagement from these areas. It suggests transparency and honest intent.

Questions for brands and business: Is your brand messaging at risk of being less impactful due to growing public scepticism? Are there areas outside of your industry that you can leverage to show your authenticity?

Engagement vs sustained interest

Blame analytics for the numbers obsession. Show me a company that promises greater engagement and I’ll have to ask them if the engagement is sustained outside of a campaign period. If yes, my guess is that they’re targeting the consumer from all angles. They used to call it creating a “holistic consumer profile”, but what they need to do now is take a multidisciplinary approach to marketing. A mother who is bottle feeding her baby is also a person interested in spin classes, urban gardening, travel, and Caribbean cuisine. How can your brand speak to her in the language of health, the environment, and food?

Questions for brands and business: Do you know the top 3 areas of interest of your key demographic? Can you brand extend its reach to at least one of those external areas of interest? How can your brand be present in your consumers’ lives outside of immediate engagement with your product?

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