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I hit my target of 5 books in January, but let me say that it felt like a race to the finish, hence the number of short books. A disclaimer is that I am counting audiobooks as a book “read.” There is only so much time in the day for a slow reader, and I have found that being read to is the secret to running five – six times a week.

Beethoven in China (Penguin Specials) by Jindong Cai and Sheila Melvin
An informative, academic read, though I learned more about China’s history than I was impressed by Beethoven’s reputation in the country.

Memes in Digital Culture (The MIT Press Essential Knowledge series)
Limor Shifman

An academic read that reads like a textbook, but really puts the meme and its evolution in cultural perspective.

The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins
When you think about how long ago the first edition was written, Dawkins’ brilliance blows your mind; a classic.

Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg
A lot of books about writing feel distant and meant for other people; this is warm, encouraging, and honest.

The Knowledge. Jazz.

by John Fordham
An entertaining primer that covers the bases and reads like a feature.

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