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One Line Reviews, March – May

One Line Reviews March - May 2017 - It feels like I could not have packed more into such a short time. "More", unfortunately, does not translate into reading more books.- I know that eventually, give and take a few months, I will not remember 99% of the moments occurring in the last two months, but now, Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin Humanistic fiction at its best and engaging no matter what your orientation; the first of many Baldwin titles [...]

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One Line Reviews, February

One Line Reviews Books that are written by bloggers inevitably read like a collection of blog posts. Is that terrible? No, but the writing style, structure, and approach is clearly different even if the content presents itself in chapters or essays. Maybe it has something to do with voice (?) Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach You don't have to be suffering any degree of internal turmoil to benefit from this gentle primer in self-care and personal development. 32 Yolks by Eric [...]

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One Line Reviews, January

One Line Reviews I hit my target of 5 books in January, but let me say that it felt like a race to the finish, hence the number of short books. A disclaimer is that I am counting audiobooks as a book "read." There is only so much time in the day for a slow reader, and I have found that being read to is the secret to running five - six times a week. Beethoven in China (Penguin Specials) by [...]

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The Multidisciplinary of Things

The Multidisciplinary of Things Greg Oates, Senior Editor at the travel industry publication Skift, predicts that things are going to get super multidisciplinary. He made the comment referencing the future of events, but he is on the money with the opinion that “omni” and “multi” is going to take on more significance in the next few years. Why? Technology is no longer in focus Technology is no longer a feature, but a required part of business infrastructure. It is [...]

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When Experimentation Became Mainstream

When Experimentation Became Mainstream When you’re experimenting, failure is acceptable. Curiosity is okay. You can do things that seem a bit wrong, but then, you’re not committed. You’re putting your toe in the water; that’s all. No one gets to throw shade at you for doing things weird. Experimentation is something we associate with youth or those going through a ‘mid-life crisis’; people who are not clear about what they want or who they are. It’s becoming popular, [...]

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Breaking All The Rules

Breaking All The Rules What do you break when there are no rules to be broken? This has become my koan each time I learn of a new ‘disruption’ in the market. This season’s game of guessing what may come in the New Year is even more challenging because what defines success today tends not to be delivered in predictable form. It is a mix of the familiar and unfamiliar. Sometimes an interpretation of the grossly obvious. The [...]

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The Reading Challenge 2016

The Reading Challenge 2016 In January, I set a goal of reading 60 books over the course of the year, and I've just updated the reading log. The result: I can only account for 32 completed books (cover to cover) out of 47 being read. I could give myself the leeway and include coffee table, cookbooks, DIY/instructional books, books that I don't remember reading and have no record of - but I won't. Overall, I'm glad that I’ve [...]

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No Topic, No Clarity, No Restraint: 3 Common Communication Pitfalls

No Topic, No Clarity, No Restraint There are few business leaders who prioritize the importance of written communications in their company. The ones who do recognize that much of work today happens in words on a page or on screen, and writing well means doing better business. Words are also the way leaders communicate their ideas and philosophies to others. It is how many self-promote, inspire and engage with the wider community. Working alongside these people, I have observed [...]

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Words With Trends

Words With Trends There have been a few words making their rounds online that suggests that our technologically integrated existence requires new terminology. Here are some to consider: 'farecasting' (the art of predicting the best date to buy a ticket), 'technomysticism' (the adoption of mediaeval mystic practices by people who use the Internet), 'snappetite' (when you get hungry after looking at a food Instagram) and 'brexting' (when women text and breastfeed at the same time). Some of my favorites come from [...]

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The Insta-gaze: The Act Of Looking On Instagram

The Insta-gaze On Instagram the force of Walter Benjamin’s flâneur strong. On Instagram we are connoisseurs of daily life. Urban spectators. Observers of what Balzac described as “the gastronomy of the eye”. We feed hungrily on images that are served to us. Our fingers swipe across screens, giving approval to frames that appeal to us, contributing social comment when compelled. And these are not the hard-hitting reportage images popular before 1990. These are images of feet in places, [...]

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