One Line Reviews, March – May

One Line Reviews March - May 2017 - It feels like I could not have packed more into such a short time. "More", unfortunately, does not translate into reading more books.- I know that eventually, give and take a few months, I will not remember 99% of the moments occurring in the last two months, but now, Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin Humanistic fiction at its best and engaging no matter what your orientation; the first of many Baldwin titles [...]

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One Line Reviews, February

One Line Reviews Books that are written by bloggers inevitably read like a collection of blog posts. Is that terrible? No, but the writing style, structure, and approach is clearly different even if the content presents itself in chapters or essays. Maybe it has something to do with voice (?) Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach You don't have to be suffering any degree of internal turmoil to benefit from this gentle primer in self-care and personal development. 32 Yolks by Eric [...]

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One Line Reviews, January

One Line Reviews I hit my target of 5 books in January, but let me say that it felt like a race to the finish, hence the number of short books. A disclaimer is that I am counting audiobooks as a book "read." There is only so much time in the day for a slow reader, and I have found that being read to is the secret to running five - six times a week. Beethoven in China (Penguin Specials) by [...]

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The Reading Challenge 2016

The Reading Challenge 2016 In January, I set a goal of reading 60 books over the course of the year, and I've just updated the reading log. The result: I can only account for 32 completed books (cover to cover) out of 47 being read. I could give myself the leeway and include coffee table, cookbooks, DIY/instructional books, books that I don't remember reading and have no record of - but I won't. Overall, I'm glad that I’ve [...]

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Design Thinking In Communication

Design Thinking In Comms In Daniel Pink’s book A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future, he recommends schooling yourself in design to be able to recognize good design from its poorer counterparts, and to “understand in a deeper way how design decisions shape our everyday lives”.Quote A simple exercise is to take one object which you use every day and ask yourself what you like about it. Then list the things you don’t like about [...]

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Reading for Better Design Sensibility

Reading for Better Design Sensibility Though I am not schooled in design (one unsuccessful year at art school does not count), my work involves conversing with designers or applying design principles to outputs like websites, presentations, charts and documents. This is pretty standard nowadays for communications professionals. We employ the skills of designers, either within our own teams or through outsourcing, but as one of our roles are as conduits between our clients and creatives, the ability to make [...]

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