The Insta-gaze: The Act Of Looking On Instagram

The Insta-gaze On Instagram the force of Walter Benjamin’s flâneur strong. On Instagram we are connoisseurs of daily life. Urban spectators. Observers of what Balzac described as “the gastronomy of the eye”. We feed hungrily on images that are served to us. Our fingers swipe across screens, giving approval to frames that appeal to us, contributing social comment when compelled. And these are not the hard-hitting reportage images popular before 1990. These are images of feet in places, [...]

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Tian Tiang Xiang Shang: Every Day We Look Up

Tian Tiang Xiang Shang When I was in Hong Kong, I came across a little boy called Tian Tian that I have become incredibly fond of. Tian Tian is a character created by Hong Kong artist Danny Yung, and was inspired by the motto tian tiang xiang shang (every day we look up), a message from Chairman Mao to Chinese kids in the 1950s to work hard and aspire to a great future. Since finding Tian Tian, I [...]

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Your Human Experience is the Zeitgeist

Your Human Experience is the Zeitgeist My husband tells me that our bathroom scale has sent us an email informing that its batteries need replacing. This is when I better grasp the meaning of the ‘Internet of Things’ and start thinking about the autonomy and character bestowed to technological objects. I have never felt technology as being more “conscious” than myself, but I am beginning to wonder when they have become independent entities capable of acting without manipulation or [...]

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